Why Do People Rely on Fotor’s Collage Maker?

  • Best variety of picture collage layouts

    Creating stunning and meaningful photo collages is a great choice to tell your own story, or promote your online business. With Fotor’s online picture collage maker, there are a ton of collage templates for you to choose from. Artistic collage layouts help you make your photo collages into art in just a few clicks. Funky collage layouts provide you a chance to add your family photos in love shapes and make it look warmly. Do not hesitate to make photo collages with Fotor’s collage maker. You will find a picture collage template style that meets your need and matches the occasion.

  • Customized collage layouts

    Fotor is welcoming to everyone because it is an all-in-one online photo editor. It gives you a chance to customize your own collage styles. You are free to adjust the border width and corner rounding, change the background and the color of the background when you are applying the Classic Collage layout. Then, you can import your images and add the text to your photo collage. In the end, you still can resize your photo collage into different sizes and post on different platforms. Come to experience it!

  • Photo collage project options

    A photo is worth a thousand words, but how many words can you pack into one image? Try Fotor’s collage maker and create an amazing photo collage now, letting your image breathtaking. Collage photos are really popular on Pinterest for online businesses. It’s a great way to display your products with even more detailed images in one picture and offers people a chance to see a product in all its glory and then go directly to your online store to purchase it. Collage photos are also hot on Instagram and Facebook. Share your life each day with several photos in one photo, express yourself in a unique way and get more fans quickly. Do you want to try Fotor’s online picture collage maker now?


Classic Collage

You can choose your photo grid based on the picture amount and even add more cells! - just drag and drop! To get your photo collage the way you want, you can even adjust the borders, effects, and even add stickers!

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Artistic Collage

With more preset background pics, text, and themes, Fotor’s artistic collage is the perfect option for social media! There are even 3 ratios for you to choose from!

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Funky Collage

Now your pic collages can be created in a cool and funky way! Our awesome funky collage templates provide you different shapes for you to play around with and unleash your creativity. Start creating right away!

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Photo Stitching

With our photo stitch tool, not only can you stitch multiple photos together, vertically or horizontally, but also alter the border’s thickness and color. Pic stitch has never been so easy!

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How to Make Photo Collages Easily?

  • 1

    Open your selected images in Fotor's collage maker.

  • 2

    Drag and drop your photos into the collage cells.

  • 3

    You can also modify the backgrounds, borders, and add effects, stickers and texts.

  • 4

    Save your work, choosing the format and quality you desire.

Frequent Asked Questions

Fotor is not just Providing the Best Photo Collage Experience

The Fotor platform also has a wide range of options including a photo editor, photo effects, stickers and text, allowing for photo retouching, and graphic design. Experiment and try them to achieve image perfection!

The Best Free Online Collage Maker

Fotor's world renowned collage maker provides you various collage templates for you to choose from across different styles and allows you to create your own photo grids online for free and create your own unique themes and styles! Create your photo collages online with Fotor now!